Concho Valley Homeless planning Coalition


Working together to more effectively help people experiencing homelessness become self-sufficient in San Angelo
— Terry Shaner - Executive Director

  • The Concho Valley Homeless Planning Coalition determines the extent and nature of homelessness in San Angelo through information which we gather from our member agencies and others in San Angelo. This includes determining which of the various classes of people experiencing homelessness are most in need of services and which might be overlooked by reason of not fitting the precise description our member agencies might decide as the bounds of their ability to meet needs. 

  • The Concho Valley Homeless Planning Coalition collaborates with members organizations to develop and support a common system for comprehensively diagnosing the need of a person or family and seeing that they receive the right services.

  • The Concho Valley Homeless Planning Coalition determines whether to create new services for persons that are homeless in San Angelo, such as low-income housing, education, mentoring or financial counseling and to offer an instrument through which funds can be made available to start these new services.

  • The Concho Valley Homeless Planning Coalition serves as a central and diversified coalition into which new information or ideas are introduced and solutions disseminated across the community.

  • The Concho Valley Homeless Planning Coalition provides a channel for direct help to homeless persons facing emergency hardship and financial or material needs.


Project ID provides assistance with obtaining state id’s or birth certificates. Without an ID it is not possible to find employment, and children are required to have birth certificates to enroll in school. Project ID is a resource for individuals that are homeless or on the verge of being homeless. A referral letter from a case worker, shelter, MHMR, or other community organization that provides resources is required.

The Project ID program is available on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM. Project ID is located at:

Galilee Community Development

1404 South oakes

San Angelo, TX 76903

Please call 325-655-6700 for information

The Concho Valley Homeless Planning Coalition is always looking for organizations in the community that are able to provide resources. Resources can include permanent or temporary shelter/housing, meals/food, any other supportive services. Click the link below for the Membership Agreement.

Membership agreement


The purpose and function of the Concho Valley Homeless Planning Coalition shall be: charitable, supportive and educational especially for the provisions of service to homeless individuals and the implementation and carrying out the provisions and intentions of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, as it may be from time to time amended.

To work with the three significant groups in the community, that is, the homeless, the public and the private sector, to seek out, identify and help eliminate the causes of homelessness within the Concho Valley.

To make the communities of the Concho Valley more responsive to the needs and interests of the homeless population by mobilizing all available resources to bring about a greater institutional sensitivity to the needs of the homeless and help meet those needs.

To plan and develop a system of activities and projects for the most effective and efficient use of resources to help eliminate homelessness in the Concho Valley.