Our History

Galilee Community Development Corporation (CDC) provides decent, affordable housing for low and moderate income families in San Angelo and the local area. Our office is located at 1404 S. Oakes Street, San Angelo, Texas 76903. We are a not-for-profit 501(c)3, corporation that serves as the Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) for the City of San Angelo, Texas. We were incorporated on February 8, 2000.


Rev. Floyd L. Crider

The idea for Galilee Community Development began while founder Rev. Floyd Crider was walking through the local neighborhoods for a local church event. Without the speed of driving, he saw the effects of blight in San Angelo’s low income neighborhoods. He saw clusters of families living in poorly constructed shanties and a lack of regard for a decent quality of life. He knew the proud history of the neighborhood, but years of neglect and lack of appropriate planned development had caused physical and moral deterioration of the Blackshear community. From this, the initial seed for Galilee CDC was planted on February 8, 2000 when it was incorporated and recognized as a 501c (3).

 As with any new organization, obstacles were met, but Galilee CDC has been able to overcome and thrive.  After Galilee established non-profit status, the next step was to acquire funding for operations and for full implementation of its goals.  In November 2004, Galilee was awarded HOME Funds from the City of San Angelo and in June 2005 a major grant from the San Angelo Health Foundation was presented to Galilee CDC.  From that point Galilee CDC’s initiatives were able to start to come to fruition.   

Over the past fourteen years, we have built fifty-five new homes in the six government-designated low-income target neighborhoods in San Angelo: Blackshear, Belaire, Lakeview, Reagan, Rio Vista, and Fort Concho.  Currently, we have three more homes under construction. Because we are the general contractor building our homes, we are able to build for less than hiring comparable local for-profit builders and thus pass the savings on to our homebuyers. Plus, we have a high standard of quality to keep because we are the builder. 

In addition to being the general contractor, we provide homebuyer education for our clients that want a new home through our Galilee Vision Fund program. We have a NeighborWorks certified homebuyer and financial coaching professional on staff.  Near-creditworthy clients get help raising their credit to become bank approved and all clients complete home buyer education classes and start a savings account for their downpayment.  

In 2013, we completed construction of a Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) development called the North Angelo Housing (NoAH) Estates. This is thirty-six single family homes, built on infill lots in the Blackshear target neighborhood. These homes are rented to qualified low-income families. The rents are kept affordable to families earning between 30% to 60% of HUD median income in San Angelo.  

Also, in 2012, we started a new program called “Helping Hands.” This is the re-creation of the old Christmas in April.  The local Rebuilding Together had financial difficulties and had to close its doors. We brought in Mary Herbert, one of the original planners of Christmas in April in San Angelo, to start up this new program for us. So far, Helping Hands has helped 290 low-income senior homeowners receive free home repairs. Volunteer teams do the work, primarily on a blitz weekend in April. On a typical blitz weekend we will have over 400 volunteers working on 35 homes. During the summer and fall we typically work on another 5 to 10 homes. Our goal is to make their homes safe, secure and weatherproof.  

Helping Hands has many corporate and private sponsors. Our primary source of funding is from the United Way of the Concho Valley. Habitat For Humanity, through Brush with Kindness, provided all the paint for our blitz. City Lumber provides a free warehouse for our supplies. With supplemental grants and donations, we are sometimes able to provide major repairs for some of the homeowners.  In the past 10 years, with funds from the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation, the San Angelo Area Foundation and CDBG, we were able to put new siding on eight homes and repair or replace eleven roofs. 

The Amy Young Barrier Removal program is another home rehabilitation program that we offer.  We provide free home modifications for low-income disabled homeowners and renters in and around San Angelo. Most, but not all, modifications include building an ADA approved ramp and remodeling a bathroom to become accessible.  To date, we have done 22 of these repairs.  

Recently, Galilee CDC has become a builder for the Texas Heroes and Texas First programs. In May, 2015, we closed on a new home that we built for a veteran and current San Angelo Police Officer. The home is located in the Rio Vista target neighborhood. Additionally, we have built three other homes for moderate income families. 

In 2018, we became the fiscal sponsor of the Concho Valley Homeless Planning Coalition. This is a group of organizations whose mission includes serving the homeless population in the Concho Valley. Related to this, we were able to get a grant from the San Angelo Area Foundation to start Project ID. This grant provides funds so homeless persons can get ID’s, birth certificates or other documents they might need to receive social services and a job.  

More recently, we started construction of three transitional rental homes called the Jeremiah Plan. The purpose of the Jeremiah Plan is to provide a safe and stable place for families to live while fostering residential stability, promoting self-sufficiency and family preservation while they work toward transitioning to permanent housing. The first beneficiaries will move in at the end of November 2018.

Currently, Galilee CDC is expanding their new home program into the rural areas surrounding San Angelo. Along with the USDA, we are able to provide the opportunity for moderate income level families to become homeowners. The mortgage for the home will be through the USDA, which allows homebuyers to have lower interest rates, zero downpayment, and no PMI (property mortgage insurance). The groundbreaking for the first home in this program was in May 2019 and is expected to be completed by December 2019. 

Recognition of our achievements have been many. In 2009, 2010, and 2011 we received the Neighborhood Revitalization Award and in 2012 our Helping Hands program won the Community Spirit Award from the City of San Angelo Development Services Department. In 2013, we won the Chamber of Commerce Innovation award for NoAH Estates. We partner with several local housing agencies on a wide variety of housing issues. We will continue grow in depth and width of our service to the community.  

FOR INFORMATION ON GALILEE CDC click HERE or call 325-655-6700